My name is Bentley and my mom adopted me through a rescue located in San Diego, CA. The circumstances that brought me (and my siblings) to the rescue is one that makes my mom sad, but grateful for the people who helped me. My siblings and I were left in a box on a stranger’s doorstep. We were taken to the rescue, cared for, and placed in foster homes. I started out as a very scared and nervous pup. And sometimes I still get scared (esp. when mom does not take me with her), but I also get really excited when she returns. My mom has taken such great care of me, helping me learn lots of fun things (like how to spin) And even though I’m not supposed to say out loud I helped my mom a lot too. And I am right next to her as much as possible. Because of this, my mom thought about how I could maybe have a bigger job and help more people. She took extra care to learn all of my cues so that I can be really good at my new job. (Sometimes I still make
mistakes) But mom says that life is about making mistakes so that you can learn and try to make changes. She tells me that we are always learning, forever (which is a really long time!)

My mom helps me feel brave, even though I still get scared. And now I get to meet lots of people who she works with and sometimes we play, or I get belly rubs, sometimes I just lay close by, and I even give hugs! I really love going to work with mom, and (don’t tell her this but) I think she really likes it too…she thinks that I might be a better therapist than her, even though I didn’t have to do as much school. I look forward to meeting you! And I hope that you get what I’ve was able to get from my mom: support, kindness, patience, and most
important she let me be me!

And I tell you sometimes I don’t want to listen, I just want the treats!

Also, I just became a big brother and now I’m helping him to (and mom).

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